For Sale – 2009 – GMM – Roto – Lathes $850/Month

Item Description: Lathes

Type: Lathes
Make: GMM
Model:  Roto

Year: 2009

Condition (including hours used, if applicable):
Known defects: None

Terms and Conditions of Sale

 Price: Call for Details

Leasing Price:$850.00/Month

 Warranty, and if no warranty state “as-is”: AS IS

 Return policy, if any: – None

Delivery method (pickup; shipping; etc.) including responsibility for cost: Buyers Responsible for disassembly; Shipping.

Taxes and any other government fees (whose responsibility): Buyer

 Photos of the Lathes

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GMM Roto 100-150 automatic bridge lathe for columns up to 1000/1500mm diameter and 3200/3600mm length for a maximum blade size of 625mm diameter. The GMM Roto 100-150 machine can produce in automatic, circular parts, such as columns, vases, basins, fountains, banisters.

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