2016 Northwood Robo Sawjet (Double Table) (Robo Sawjet)

Item Description

  •  Type: SawJet
  •  Make: Northwood 
  •  Model: Robot-SJ-S
  •  Year: 2016
  • Price: Call For Details
  • Financing: $4,800/Mo.*
  • Warranty, and if no warranty state “as-is”: None; Sold “as-is
  • Return policy, if any: None
  • Delivery method (pickup; shipping; etc.) including responsibility for costs: Pickup; Buyer responsible for shipping
  • Taxes and any other government fees: Buyer


Northwood Robotic SawJet system model “Robot-SJ-S”, Including:

One (1) FANUC M-900iB./400L F#180965 – Mechanical unit

One (1) FANUC R-30iB Robot controller with haptic iPendant

One (1) System controls panel with PC touch screen HMI (Integrated to robot panel)

One (1) KMT Streamline SLVI 40 waterjet intensifier

One (1) KMT garnet feed hopper

One (1) KMT metered garnet feed unit (robot mounted)

One (1) High pressure waterjet plumbing kit

One (1) Saw motor with cover and peripherals

Two (2) Water collection tanks

One (1) Fabricated robot riser

Two (2) Cameras with peripherals

One (1) Camera mounting bracket

One (1) System control panel

Four (4) Sets safety light curtains

One (1) Lot perimeter guarding

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