2017- Laser Products – LT – 2D3D Laser Templator $200/Month

Item Description: Laser Templator

Type: Laser Templator
Make: Laser Products
Model:LT – 2D3D  Laser Templator

Year: 2017

Condition (including hours used, if applicable): Great
Known defects: None

Terms and Conditions of Sale

 Price: Call for Details

Leasing Price:$200.00/Month

 Warranty, and if no warranty state “as-is”: AS IS

 Return policy, if any: – None

Delivery method (pickup; shipping; etc.) including responsibility for cost: Buyers Responsibl Shipping.

Taxes and any other government fees (whose responsibility): Buyer

 Photo of the LT – 2D 3D Laser Templator


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Templator Specifications

  • Accuracy: ± 1/16”
  • Range: up to 200’ (400’ diameter)
  • Laser battery life: 50+ hours (20,000+ measurements)
  • Construction: aircraft grade aluminum chassis, impact resistant polycarbonate housing
  • Tablet: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (12.3” touch screen display)

Powerful Business Tools

  • Capture photographs to document important jobsite details
  • Completely paperless transaction with customer contracts, terms & conditions
  • Customer signature sign-offs on jobs
  • Output to DXF, DWG, ORD, XML, PDF, CSV, & JPG
  • Generate estimates
  • Create customized shop sheets

Robust Editing Capabilities

  • Add backsplashes, corners, and curves
  • Determine seam locations
  • Quick Actions for frequently used functions
  • Create customized library of drop-ins (sinks, corners, bump outs, electrical outlets, etc.)
  • Includes tools for circular staircases, tub surrounds, patios, & outdoor kitchens/patios

Optimizes Manufacturing & Installs

  • Email files from the jobsite back to the office
  • Produces readable files for any CNC, waterjet, saw, or plotter
  • Maximize efficiency of slab usage
  • Automatically assign edge types to distinguish components & tool path
  • Fabricate countertops perfectly scribed to back walls


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